Clearzine: Is it All it’s Cracked Up to Be?


Truth or fluff? Isn’t that what you always wonder when you hear about some really great product on the market? Especially if it’s on the internet too because folks get wild and carried away with stuff right?

Yes, they do sometimes and that’s what makes it hard to sort through the truths and the fluffs sometimes. That’s what we do here is try to peel back the layers and find what’s underneath. Sometimes our answers come up just as good as others and sometimes they are quite the opposite.

One thing is for sure. You can know by the time we are finished here, Clearzine will answer those major questions that users want to know. Just as importantly, users have the right to know.

So…let’s get started.

What is Clearzine?

This seems to be the basic point of where we must begin so we can make sure everyone is talking about the same product. First of all this is considered the number one acne treatment in pill form. The Clearzine Acne Solution is manufactured in the United States using purely pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients.

Clearzine is an oral supplement created from natural ingredients to get acne before it gets you. By attacking acne below the surface before it even has a chance to erupt and infect your face and skin, those bumps and blemishes simply don’t stand a chance.

That’s all a great beginning. Now let’s see what’s in it.

What Ingredients are in Clearzine?


The key ingredients of this amazing oral acne supplement pretty much alone will tell you why it is so successful. Just take a look at the superb and natural ingredients. We’ll also take a look at what the separate ingredients are professed to do as well as what they are known to do while we are evaluating to figure out does Clearzine work.

First of all, here’s what it’s made of:

  • CO-Q10 – You’ve probably heard of this stuff. It’s been used in everything from moisturizers to lotions and more. It is proven to have superb antioxidant effects and boosts the youthful look of your skin with ATP energy boosts as well as annihilation of free radicals.
  • Vitamin B5 – This might not be the B vitamin that you are most familiar with, but nonetheless it’s a doozy. B5 helps your body produce Coenzyme A which helps in the metabolism of natural skin oils. What happens to your skin when you can’t metabolize these oils? They build up and clog pores and you have acne issues. So when you have adequate Vitamin B5 it helps assure a balance of Coenzyme A and the correct breakdown of oils.
  • Chromium – Known for its many diabetic benefits chromium also helps skin to maintain a firmness and smoothness by helping it remain healthier.
  • Selenium – Long known for its antioxidant effects and potential cancer preventative nature, selenium has been evaluated in the treatment of a variety of conditions. Though some areas are still under investigation, the use of selenium’s anti-oxidative properties to help in the reduction of aging, skin healing and other skin conditions are considered rather rock solid.
  • Witch hazel – This is one of nature’s profound healers and herbal remedies that acts as an astringent and healer. By combining this with other known skin benefactors there is surely to be many benefits seen.
  • Biotin – Another of the B vitamin family, Biotin is known to have skin benefits. Though one should never mega dose orally with any vitamin without supervision, the use of biotin in skin products is known to be successful. A deficiency of this water soluble vitamin can lead to scaling, red and inflamed skin.
  • Collagen – This is what is lost as you age and is the fundamental building block for younger looking, healthier skin
  • Zinc – A vital nutrient for skin healing and repair Zinc helps to reduce the inflammation of acne as well.

With those types of proven ingredients, it’s totally understandable how Clearzine can be the skin solution that so many people are raving about.

But…..what are they really saying? Let’s take a look.

When we decided to do our own little Clearzine investigation we felt it was necessary to investigate other Clearzine reviews and supply you with some of the information we had found so that you would know we were doing our homework here as well. We were looking for the good and the bad (if there was any) and even for the in between. So here goes.

Thanks to many users of the Clearzine product wanting to share their experiences, it has not been hard to find information to share with you. We’ll include a bit of information that seems to cover the biggest gist of it all below.

Here is some information from Tray on Amazon. He tells us the positives and the one drawback he saw as well.

I absolutely love this product! I’ve suffered with horrible acne…I stumbled upon this product and decided to give it a try. I was skeptical at first…I saw results within a week or two. I recommend this to anyone suffering from acne, it works exceptionally well along with a healthy diet. The only downfall is having to remember to take them three times a day, but that’s only a little task in receiving clear skin.

Though Clearzine will tell you that individual results can vary they have tons of positive experiences from happy customers and parents. Just take a look:

Helped my daughter’s confidence

Clearzine has dramatically improved both my teenage stepdaughter’s skin and her confidence. Since she started getting breakouts, she has become very withdrawn and quiet and no matter how much I tried to comfort her and tell her she’s beautiful, nothing would make her happy. I decided to take it upon myself to try and find something that would help her get rid of her acne. We tried that pro-active system but that stuff turned out to be completely worthless and a waste of money. We then tried some other things with varying results but finally I hit upon a combination of an acne scrub, and this product Clearzine. Within a week her acne was gone and now it’s been almost two months and her face is clear and she’s so much more outgoing now.

clearzine testimonial

Now folks that’s what it’s all about.

Clearzine in Summary

So…in answer to the question, does Clearzine work? The answer appears to be yes. The ingredient are good ones, the users of say they’ve had great results. We give this a definite yes for a successful product.

If you or someone you know suffers with acne in any of its forms, you want to try Clearzine.

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Comments For This Post

  1. Vernon-Maxwell Datu August 27, 2014, 8:42 am

    Reading all of the reviews about this product makes me want to go and get this product shipped right to my door. When I went to look more into this product I found this website and at first everything seemed very intriguing, but when I got to the part where it shows the before and after picture of the girl, I could already tell that photo of her face was photoshopped and edited to look flawless. If you guys can explain yourselves on why that photo was edited instead of showing real results, I’ll be happy to buy this product and give it a try. Thank You, I would really appreciate it.

    1. admin August 29, 2014, 2:43 pm

      Hello, Vernon-Maxwell Datu!
      I’m really sorry for that, I didn’t know that picture is photoshopped. I’ve removed it from this post to avoid any confusions. I’ve found it from one of the customers of Clearzine. I replaced this picture with other “before and after” picture from this testimonial from official Clearzine site You can find there other customer pictures and ask them directly if you think they’re photoshopped too. Anyway it’s a great product and you can find it on the first place on for the “top acne product” search. Thanks.

  2. chris October 12, 2014, 5:47 pm

    i have acne on my for head and i was wonderin will this product actually work

    1. Kim November 3, 2014, 3:43 pm

      Hello, Chris!
      There are a lot of positive reviews from people using Clearzine, especially for forehead. This is a top rated acne pill and it works from inside of you body and not like creams – outside. Definitely you can try it.

  3. Syd November 8, 2014, 8:57 pm

    I was wondering if there are any potential side effects that will happen if I stop taking the pill after using it for awhile.

    1. Kim November 14, 2014, 10:30 pm

      Hello, Syd!
      May I ask you if you’re having any side effects now when you’re taking Clearzine pills? If yes, I would stop taking it and look for more friendly solution to you. If not, I don’t think it’ll harm you after using it. Generally speaking, I would use it for two month maximum. I would not take over 50 mg a day. You can take this dose for two weeks and then drop down to 25 mg a day. Hope it helps.

  4. martin November 22, 2014, 9:00 am

    As a 41 year old who has battled severe to moderate acne most of my life (25 years) very seldom do I come across a product that makes a real difference. Like most I was sceptical, but the number of positive reviews on Amazon just couldn’t be fake surely. So, I ordered 4 bottles and started course just over a week ago. My acne these days is mostly confined to the T-zone, chin, mouth area, around corners of my nose and sometimes forehead. My skin is very oily in these areas and this has always been difficult to control. The only product I have found to control my acne in the past 10 years has been Panoxy (Benzoyl Peroxide) but whilst it does work and control it – it is also addictive, meaning that if you don’t continue to apply it – the acne will come back with real vengeance!

    So, onto the product at hand – well my acne wasn’t too bad just before I started but about 8-9 days later and I notice a MASSIVE difference in my skin! I’m not sure if this is just a honeymoon period, but I am absolutely delighted and would give it a 5 out of 5. I am wary though that this is literally a miracle drug – and just wonder “can it last the distance”. I’ll give it another week or so on the full dosage (6 tablets a day) and then drop to the maintenance dosage and monitor it from there. My gut feeling on it is that it won’t last – the body may well get used to it to an extent and the acne will creep back in a little – but if it helps control the acne to a larger extent then it is massively better than some of the mega strong acne drugs like Accutane (which I have taken and wasn’t too pleasant)

  5. John December 23, 2014, 6:15 pm

    The updates image is also very clearly photoshopped

    1. Kim January 22, 2015, 9:19 pm

      Sorry for that John,

      I’ll try to contact the official website owners about that as this image was taken from there.



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